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Cell Picking

  • From the transformations of the previous day, the positive control (Tet) and one plate (Plate 4 with 6μL) had growth on them
  • Plate 1: 1 μl of Tet with DNA (positive control) GROWTH
  • Plate 2: 1μl of ligation mixture (tes and rbs) NO GROWTH
  • Plate 3: 3 μl of ligation mixture NO GROWTH
  • Plate 4: 6 μl of ligation mixture 3 COLONIES
  • Plate 5: 1 μl RBS Backbone (negative control) NO GROWTH
  • Plate 6: 3 μl RBS backbone NO GROWTH
  • Plate 7: 6 μl RBS Backbone NO GROWTH
  • Warmed up lb in shaker and picked 3 colonies from plate 4 to be put for growth at 10:45 am. Each tube had 5mL of LB and a colony

Mini prepped one of the EtOH tubes that was in the shaker that seemed to have more growth than the other two. Labelled it EtOH 1