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BSA Templated CdS Quantum Dot synthesis and Myoglobin templated ZnS quantum dots data

CdS quantum dots were synthesized in a BSA template and fluorescence scans were run on the previously synthesized myoglobin templated ZnS quantum dots.


  1. A Cadmium acetate dihydrate solution was made to replace the previous stock solution of cadmium acetate anyhydrous because the cadmium acetate came out of solution and was not uniform.
    1. 0.666g of cadmium acetate dihydrous was dissolved in a 500mL volumetric flask. The stock solution is 5mM.
  2. Sample was made BSA: 0.1mM cadmium acetate, 3.125uM BSA, 10mM potassium thioacetate 5mL total
    1. 0.5M potassium thioacetate
      1. (10mM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(0.5mM)
      2. XmL= 100uL potassium thioacetate
    2. BSA 63.1uM
      1. (3.125uM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(63.1uM)
      2. X=0.247mL= 247uL BSA
    3. Cadmium Acetate 0.5M
      1. (0.1mM)(5.0mL)=(XmL)(50mM)
      2. X= 500uL
    4. Water
      1. Volume of water= 5000uL- 100uL-247uL-500uL= 4153uL

Myoglobin templated ZnS Quantum dots

Scans taken of myoglobin templated ZnS quantum dots pH 4-10 ALL together Anneliese faustino 22217.PNG

ALL together anneliese 22217.PNG

Data Analysis: In Depth

pH 4 PH 4 22217anneliese.PNG

pH 4 Selected View PH 4 view anneliese anneliese anneliese.PNG

pH 5 [[1]]

pH 5 Selected View PH 5 view anneliese faustino22217.PNG

pH 6 PH 6 22217anneliese.PNG

pH 6 Selected View PH 6 view 22217annleiese.PNG

pH 7 PH 7 aanneliese22217.PNG

pH 7 Selected View PH 7 view anneliese faustino22217.PNG

pH 8 PH 8 22217annnnneneneliese.PNG

pH 8 Selected View PH 8 view 22217anneliese.PNG

pH 9 PH 9 22217anneliese.PNG

pH 9 Selected View PH 9 view anneliese22217.PNG

pH 10 PH 10 22217anneliesemarie.PNG

pH 10 Selected View PH 10 view 22217anneliesemariefaustino.PNG


Since the myoglobin templated CdS quantum dots did not appear to have fully formed after stirring for one day, scans were only taken after stirring for 7 days.