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Fluorescence solutions were analyzed via the fluorimeter. The solutions analyzed contained CdS nanoparticles that had been stirred for ONE day. Although the procedure asked for solutions to be stirred for one day, we found that one day stirring was not sufficient and opted for a week afterwards. The data here are from the one day stir.


Samples were placed into a 1x1cm quartz cuvette in the fluorimeter for analysis. The excitation wavelenth was determined via a pre-scan to be 341 nm. This was compared with the literature value. The fluorescence emission spectrum was scanned from 351 nm to 800 nm. The excitation slit width and emission slit width was set to 5.0 nm. The scan speed was set to 100 nm/min.

CdS Quantum Dots One Day

CdQD one day pH 4-10.jpg

Data Analysis: Overview

PH ALLLLL jksdhfkdkjdfs.PNG PH ALL selected scans annelieefausti.PNG

Data Analysis: Details

PH 4 HAKHAKsgddggdg.PNG PH 4 selected skjdhgkjsdhkdshkweht.PNG

PH 5 kjhgknhsdkghkusdhgkuhewurheouwer.PNG PH 5 selected scan.PNG

PH 6 HSDKGHKSHGDKnhhhdhdhduuei8.PNG PH 6 selected scan mememememememmemhhhdshaka.PNG

PH 7 dhtw4u8287hkjd.PNG PH 7 selected scan jkshdkdhgkhwuyeiy8745h.PNG

PH 8 kjdhkjshgiuewooutpppp.PNG PH 8 selected jkshdjkdshwytquyqq.PNG

PH 9 kjhdgjdskgppopiuoi.PNG PH 9 selected scan khsdkfhuyhoppppoooo.PNG

PH 10 selected njkhsdfknjmbvcmbxh.PNG PH 10 scan khuouommnb.PNG