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Welcome to Advanced Experimental Chemistry

Today's Procedure

1) Crosslinking the 5 isopropanol, pvoh, glutaraldehyde films made on Friday using usual glutaraldehyde film crosslinking procudres:

Films placed in a 100mL of glutaraldehyde fixant at 70 degrees Celsius and stirred with stir-bar over a buchner funnel for 1 hr. The films were then transferred to 100mL of 1% HCl solution at 70 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The films were finally transferred to 100mL of 0.2M bicarbonate solution for 15 minutes. The films were then rinsed in deionized water and left to dry.

2) Making more glutaraldehyde fixant: 1L distilled water + 2 mL H2SO4 + 20 g sodium sulfate stirred on stir plate to dissolution (stored in 4 250mL plastic bottles).

3) Beginning the Synthesis of the Quaternary Amine: 10 mL acetonitrile + 1.148 mL chlorobutanol + 0.753 mL triethylamine in a round bottom flask. Flask was placed on a heating mantle (set to 50 of 100V) and a sand bath and was attached to a redox condenser apparatus [nitrogen gas was allowed to flow through the redox condenser such that the reaction occurs under nitrogenous conditions]. Reaction is run for 3 days.


After the crosslinking, most of the films were flimsy and breaking. This could be because the films were too thin or bc the isopropanol evaporate before crosslinking. The experiment will be redone with phenol instead of isopropanol and 1g PVOH instead of 0.5g.