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Toy Database

An SQL database created from the DAS and FASTA output of the MIT Parts Registry.

Online Database

The toy database has been established on codon.

  • Database name: msc_09_das
  • Username/password: as above.
  • Host name: db-bss.lesc.doc.ic.ac.uk

Access Via Codon

Login to your codon account, then enter the following command at the prompt:

mysql msc_09_das -u msc_09_das -p

Access via Other Servers

At the prompt:

mysql msc_09_das -u msc_09_das -p -h db-bss.lesc.doc.ic.ac.uk


Please make sure to use the latest version of the database schema, and associated data.

Version 2

Created week of 08/02/2010


  • New internal identifiers for each table
  • Shifting of columns between tables
  • The feat_info table is now non-redundant



Schema v2.jpg

Version 1

Created week of 01/02/2010