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Background on Biobricks


Types of Biological Parts


  • Promoter Catalog
    • Classified by function:
      • Constitutive promoters: These promoters are active independent of transcription factors, and are "on" by default.
      • Cell signalling: The registry has a set of promoters related to sending and receiving signals between different cells.
      • Metal sensitive: This set includes promoters that are sensitive to various metals. The promoters are typically regulated by a receptor protein that binds to the metal ion or complex.
      • Phage promoters: A collection of all phage promoters available from the registry. The promoters are often used for very high expression of a protein. These promoters work in E. coli and other chassis but typically require a particular RNA polymerase to be present.
      • IIT Madras Stresskit promoters: a well-characterized collection of negatively regulated E. coli promoters that have been engineered to be recognized by alternative σ factors. This collection was developed by the 2008 IIT Madras iGEM team.
    • Classified by regulation and RNA polymerase:
IC Bioinf Promoterclass.png


See relevant catalogue part


See relevant catalogue part


These parts are made up of basic parts.

Understanding Entries and Basic information

Short Form: Promoters

IC Bioinfs promoter.png

Sample Entry:Promoter

IC Bioinfs sample promoter entry.png

Sequence Analysis

  • This tool is used to compare several sequencing reaction results to the expected sequece of a part
  • In the lab, they perform alignments to confirm that the sequence they have is correct.

Hard Facts