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The project has 3 main sections-

Design of a relational database for data storage

  1. Designing a relational database to store the data- BioSQL relational model to comply with standard schema.

Implementation of DAS to visualize sequence data:

  1. Proserver(PERL)
  2. Dazzle (Java)
    1. V useful explanation

Development of a DAS compliant viewer to visualize the data:

  1. Flex
  2. GenoViz

Google App Engine

  • GAE Home Page - links to download, "getting started" guides and other stuff.


Derek's Model

As drawn on Feb 12th, during a group meeting. The arrow from BioSQL to App Engine suggests the possibility of importing our tables to the Datastore. Model.jpg

Older Model (?)

IC Bioinfs Flowchart.png

Temporary aims

  • We would like to use DAS to improve on current annotation tools of the MIT registry, by being able to access external sources.
  • The current MIT registry does not allow for more complex queries and filters, so we would like to improve on this by allowing for more refined searches
  • Including an option to BLAST in and out of the registry will be highly useful too. The JBE allows the user to blast inside the registry.