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Next meeting

December 22, 2006 6PM British time / 7PM German time


  • Parthi
  • Milana
  • Manuel
  • John
  • not: Nils (sorry!)
  • Victor
  • Sarath


Regional Student Groups / Collaboration with APBioNet

Leaders familiar with the ISCB and ISCB-SC rules to Answer the issues raised by Dr. Tan in his letter - request by saraswathi

SC Plans for ISMB07

* Sessions (Paper, Poster, etc.)
* SCS3
* Keynote talks
* Who knows they will be in attendance at this point?

BioSysBio Update

Dr. Tan Tin Wee's Project Proposals

  • Asian biogrid project for shared computational resources using EGEE and Globus etc. and workflow integration
  • Asian P2P azereus for widespread dissemination of bioinformatics databases to developing country institutions with low bandwidth
  • Bioinformatics curriculum development and deployment in Asian universities, and accreditation.
  • APBioNet accreditation of national and institutional nodes
  • online bioinformatics training courses in collaboration with S* Alliance
  • BioSlax and apbioknoppix liveCD development of a suite of unix bioinformatics packages for rapid deployment of training software to teachers and students

If Time...Expanding BioMeet

  • There are more opprotunities to extend aims of biomeet and hopefully to gain more money into the SC
  • Interest in throwing BioMeet at 3 new locations...