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How to write objectives

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How to Do Objectives

For each unit you will be given a list of learning objectives. This is the material that you should know by the time that we finish the unit. They are based on State Frameworks, material in your book, and my decisions about what you need to know.

You are essentially creating a study guide. Treat these as things to help you, not as annoyances that should be done as quickly as possible.

How much should you write? If I told you that you had a pop, timed, open objective quiz, would you feel good about your objectives?

Do each objective (or small groups of closely related objectives) on a separate page so you can add information to them in class.

The tests and final exams will be based on the objectives.

Doing objectives helps you make decisions about what is important and allows you to focus directly on the material. It is more efficient than doing Topic/Section Questions. However, if you prefer, you can do Topic Questions instead.


A) State unit name and date of assignment

B) Write out objective and number. Should a few objectives seem closely related, you can do them together, but list each objective

C) Draw a line part way down the page dividing the page roughly 25% left of the line and 75% to the right. In the left column list vocabulary related to the objective. Write the word close to where it was used. OR you may omit the dividing of the page but be sure to underline each vocabulary word as it is used in your writing. Make sure that all terms are explained or defined. I will give you a vocabulary list for each unit, it will essentially correspond to the boldfaced and italicized words in the reading.

D) Do what the objective states/asks (in the right column, if a two column system is used. Pay attention to the verb at the beginning of the objective. Explain, list, and define are different things.

E) Ask a question about the topic. It can be a question about something you didn’t understand, or something you wonder about.

F) Leave room for class notes on the same topic.