How to Ship a Package

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FedEx shipments instructions

We have not received FedEx account numbers for Stanford University shipments. Stanford University policy specifies that we charge FedEx shipping directly to a PTA. Jean Cookinham will provide a pdf of shipping label for SMOLKE LAB packages that you send, as well as labels you will provide to others for Stanford University shipments sent to you.

Send an email to identifying:

• the name of the person receiving the package (addressee)

• the addressee’s complete address

• the addressee’s phone number

• the weight of the package

• the dimensions of the package

• the approximate value of the package

As the sender, you will submit the package to FedEx. The closest on-campus FedEx drop box is located at the corner of Via Pueblo and Via Palou Malls, near the David Packard Building. If you will miss the 3:30pm deadline, the package must go the next business day and a new package label must be produced. If you need to make alternative arrangements, contact Jean.

FedEx might not provide the proper invoicing for your reimbursement, should you pay for the shipment yourself. Without the invoice, Stanford University might not reimburse you for FedEx charges.

For further information, contact Jean Cookinham at email or by phone at 650-723-7027. See Jean for packaging needs, Y2E2 Room 269C.