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Hongwu Chen Laboratory

Cancer Therapeutics Development Lab

Department of Biochemisrty & Molecular Medicine, University of California, Davis

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Our current research focuses are the followings:

  • Exploring nuclear receptor (NR) sub-family members, such as the retinoid receptor-related receptors (RORs)/NR1Fs, as novel therapeutic targets for advanced cancers (e.g. mCRPC);

  • Exploring key epigenetic regulators including the histone demethylases (e.g. KDM4s) and bromodomain proteins (e.g. ANCCA/ATAD2) as novel therapeutic targets for cancer;

  • Elucidating the functional mechanisms of key epigenetic regulators and nuclear receptors in tumorigenesis and therapeutic resistance;

  • Developing biomarkers for guiding effective targeted therapies.