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Home of the Parts List Dream-Team

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  • I think we should have some out of the box, ready to go devices that people can try out. For example, promoter+RBS+GFP/YFP/RFP so newbies can get a sense of how parts can work.
  • Most of these parts should be basic and allow for novel construction.
  • Do we want the gas vesicle because it is cool?
  • LuxR + LuxI seem necessary.
  • Repressors cI, LacI(Q), tetR seem appropriate and their cognate promoters.
  • cre and hin seem like good tools.
  • We will need a range of RBSs.
  • A couple degradation tags could be included to help people know what they do. Maybe already added onto something like RFP or GFP so they can compare with and without degradation tags.
  • A couple transcriptional terminators would be good.
  • Promoters in both directions to help people realize they can build in two directions. If so, we can provide backwards RBS and backwards reporter genes to prime the pump.