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Departmental Seminar Series for Oct 2016- June 2017

A combined seminar series (among BMB, MMI, MMG and PMCB) will occur 2 times a month on first and third Mondays. Please refer to the schedule below.
BMB seminars are typically held on second and fourth Tuesdays at noon in RJH 4320. Please refer to the schedule below.

BMB Students and postdocs will be assigned dates (there is a minor amount of wiggle room--contact Maureen if absolutely necessary to switch--try to find a substitute first).

  • BMB Students and postdocs: your date may need adjustment to accommodate outside speakers.
  • BMB Faculty research seminars are now included in the BMB seminar series. BMB Faculty will have lunch discussion together after faculty presentations.
  • Scheduled locals may get bumped if needed to accommodate visiting speakers.
  • There will be feedback forms available so that BMB students and postdocs can get informal evaluations of presentations from faculty and peers (coming soon).
  • BMB Invited speakers typically arrive on Monday, seminar is Tuesday, dinner Tuesday night.
  • Coffee/tea will be available before all BMB and combined seminars.
  • Series organized by Maureen Hoatlin, hoatlinm at OHSU dot edu

Guidelines and Resources for Students and Postdocs

Students will generally have 1/2 seminar slot (30 min). The mentor or a student colleague will introduce (2-5 min) then students plan to present for about 20 minutes. Plan for about 5 min Q&A. Students who have recently joined a lab may decide to present previous work, or talk about work planned in the new lab. Be aware of the time constraint, particularly if you are presenting before another student's time. If your mentor is not available for your intro please find a substitute (a student colleague).
Some students and postdocs will have a full seminar slot if they are far along and have a complete story to present.
There are lots of guidelines on the internet for giving talks. Here are some handy ones, one for general deportment (including job interviews), and the others are more specific for science.
General videos and guidelines for public speaking
Chemistry-specific talk hints
General Guidelines for Scientific Talks
Excellent NIH video podcast (there are additional podcasts on career development)
Resources for Job interview talks
resume builder
recordings of seminars

Procedure for Inviting BMB Speakers

  • Please suggest names of a potential speaker you would like to invite by emailing me. I will send out letters of invitation. Please indicate considerations for the timing of the visit (e.g., "I will be in China in September" or "please don't schedule for last two weeks of October" or "here are some potential dates that are good for me" ). This helps manage the scheduling tasks and reduces email burden.
  • Some of you may like to send out your own invitation letters, feel free! Please cc Maureen with the invitation and status.
  • When the invited speaker responds to our invitation, the acceptance will be posted on this wiki. Raj will narrow down on some open dates, present the dates to the OHSU host, and settle on a mutually agreeable seminar date for the OHSU host and speaker. During this post-acceptance process Raj will be in charge of the status.

Post-Acceptance Organization

  • If you invite a guest please obtain an abstract for the talk, and short biography. This helps students and faculty grasp the subject and helps advertise the seminar to other depts.
  • After the date is confirmed, Raj will contact BMB speakers and obtain the title/figure for the flyer, help with travel arrangements, book hotels, make dinner reservations and schedule and distribute itinerary. When the date is far in advance, Raj will re-contact the speaker (and OHSU host) 3 months before the scheduled speaking date to finalize itinerary, travel, hotel, dinner plans. Each department is responsible for coordinating their own invited speakers in the combined series.
  • Please contribute to suggestions for the itinerary to avoid last-minute scramble and email avalanche. Each speaker will have a section for those who would like to be included on the itinerary if possible. Please contribute directly to the wiki or email me and I will post for you. Suggest people for your guest to see or put your name down to request a spot with someone else's speaker.
  • The default arrangements are: accommodations at Heathman Hotel, dinner for four at Little Bird, coffee/tea before seminar (1 box each), catered lunch for 10 students/postdocs after the seminar. Please advise Raj 2 weeks in advance if you prefer different arrangements for dinner or a change in other logistics.
  • Advertising: provost, each dept, OHSU main calendar. (need to update and curate list of contacts).
  • Recording. Seminars are live streamed and archived on the BMB echo site. The seminar's sound bites, screenshots and content are tweetable etc on social media by default.

Faculty Hosts and Speakers

Seminars 2016-2017

Outside speakers to be scheduled
BMB Res Assistant Profs
  • Phil Yates, Ullman Lab
  • Phillip Wilmarth, Larry David Lab
BMB Postdocs
  • Balamurugan Kandasamy
  • Omar Duvulcu
  • Laura Innes
  • Yoshihiro Ishikawa
BMB students
  • Sam Berk
  • Veronica Cochrane
  • Jonny Flores
  • Greg Martin
  • Sigrid Noreng
  • Jonathan Savage
Date Presenter(s) Title Host or MCs
Oct 3 (combined) Christian Tschudi (MMI) Scott Landfear/ student host ( )
Oct 11 Omar Duvulcu/Yoshihiro Ishikawa (BMB postdoctoral fellows)
Oct 27 (special combined, MD-PhD Program) Mario Capecchi (PMCB) Dr. Cheryl Maslen/student host
Oct 25 Greg Martin/Sigrid Noreng (BMB graduate students)
Nov 1 John Rubinstein James Chen
Nov 8 (combined) *** Seminar at 2pm*** Andy McCAllion Cheryl Maslen/student host
Nov 8 John Riordan James Chen
Nov 15 Jonathan Savage (BMB graduate student)/Laura Innes (BMB postdoctoral fellow)
Nov 29 Balamurugan Kandasam (BMB postdoctoral fellow)/Jonny Flores (BMB graduate student)
Dec 6 (combined)
Dec 13 Sam Berk/Veronica Cochrane (BMB students)
Jan 10 Xiangshu Xiao
Jan 17 Li Ye Cancelled due to snow. Will be rescheduled. shared among BMB, Phys-Pharm and Knight Cardiovascular
Jan 24 Ying Ann Chiao shared among BMB, Phys-Pharm and Knight Cardiovascular
Jan 31 No seminar
Feb 14 Oscar Aparicio Matt Thayer
Feb 21 Michael Chapman M. Hoatlin
Feb 22 (combined) SPECIAL RESCHEDULED Wenyi Wei (MMG) Mushui Dai/(Student host)
Feb 28 Li Ye, PhD (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) shared among BMB, Phys-Pharm and Knight Cardiovascular
March 6 (combined) Doug Wallace (MMG) Shoukrat Mitalipov
March 14 Wes Sundquist M. Chapman
March 20 (combined) Arun Srivastava (MMG) Hiroyuki Sakai
April 3 (combined) Sarah Fortune (MMI) Fikadu Tafesse
April 11 Voula Kanelis Show_Ling Shyng
April 17 (combined) Chih-Hao Lee (BMB) Show-Ling Shyng
April 25 Buddy Ullman (to be confirmed) M. Hoatlin
May 1 &2 No Seminar--- Research week
May 9
May 15 (combined) David Gilbert (BMB) Matt Thayer
May 23
May 30
June 5 (combined) Tak Mak (MMI) Evan Lind
June 13
June 19 (combined) Gary Bader (MMG) Emek Demir

Seminar Series of the past

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BMB Seminar Series 2009-2010

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BMB Seminar Series 2007-2008

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BMB faculty member are in bold print
Date Presenter(s) Title Host or MCs