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Selected Publications

  • Chylek LA, Akimov V, Dengjel J, Rigbolt KTG, Hu B, Hlavacek WS, Blagoev B (2014) Phosphorylation site dynamics of early T-cell receptor signaling. PLOS ONE 9: e104240. Full Text
  • Chylek LA, Harris LA, Tung CS, Faeder JR, Lopez CF, Hlavacek WS (2014) Rule-based modeling: a computational approach for studying biomolecular site dynamics in cell signaling systems. Wiley Interdiscip. Rev. Syst. Biol. Med. 6: 13-36. Full Text
  • Barua D, Hlavacek WS (2013) Modeling the effect of APC truncation on destruction complex function in colorectal cancer cells. PLOS Comput. Biol. 9: e1003217. Full Text