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Our project in iGEM 2008...The record of our experiences though iGEM project in 2008 at Kyoto University :)

Introduction.png Requirement.png Experiments.png New parts.png Conclusion.png More.png

Functions developed...The functions we have engineered E.coli to have for salvaging the Titanic!
switch: light sensor & qs power1: bouyancy by gvp power2: propelling by che binding: Ti-BP

Our team...Various students ~from freshmen of bachelor to master students of Kyoto University and Osaka University~

Students: Gen Hayase, Hiroki Kawahara, Kouya Sakuma, Masaki Morita, Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Sho Takamori, Shoichi Hatakeyama, Shuichi Kajihata, Shunnichi Kashida
Advisors: Hirohide Saito, Masahiro Takinoue, Shin-ichiro M.Nomura,
Thanks for designing the logo: Ohno Hirohisa