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Database Help

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Archive X (arXiv) [[arxiv:"arxiv-id"]] [[arxiv:cs/9901002v1]] Archive-X ID cs/9901002v1 ARXID "arxiv-id" ARXID 0710.2555v2 ARXID 0710.2555v2
BioBrick Registry [[bbregistry:"part-number"]] [[bbregistry:BBa_B0015]] bbregistry:BBa_B0015 BBPN "part-number" BBPN BBa_B0015 BBPN BBa_B0015
Help:genbank [[genbank:"accession-number"]] [[genbank:U49845]] genbank:U49845 GBAN "accession-number" GBAN U49845 GBAN U49845
Protein Data Bank [[pdb:"PDB ID"]] [[pdb:10GS]] pdb:10GS PDBID "PDB ID" PDBID 10GS PDBID 10GS
PubMed [[pubmed:"PubMed ID"]] [[pubmed:12345]] pubmed:12345 PMID "PubMed ID" PMID 12345 PMID 12345
Rebase [[rebase:"Rebase ID"]] [[rebase:M.Aac23DamP]] rebase:M.Aac23DamP REID "Rebase ID" REID M.Aac23DamP REID M.Aac23DamP
DOI [[doi:"DOI"]] [[doi:10.1000/182]] doi:10.1000/182