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OpenWetWare now runs a Jabber (XMPP) server. All OpenWetWare users automatically have an account and allows users to send messages to each other and also to have multi-user conferences (i.e. chat rooms). Because XMPP is an open and standard protocol, you can also talk with people on other servers, such as Google Talk.


You are identified by your Jabber ID (JID) on the server that looks like Your username is your OpenWetWare username completely lowercased and with all spaces changed to underscores, e.g. "". This is all the information that is needed for others to contact you, both on the OpenWetWare server and elsewhere. For example, someone using Google Talk can send a message to and it should reach you. If you are unable to log in, please check the account activation section below.

There are many Jabber clients (see below for comprehensive list). Some clients only need your Jabber ID and your password. For other clients, you will need to specify the server ( and the username separately. Most clients can deterine the name of the conference service. But if asked for a conference service name, use If asked for the name of a chatroom, use

All sessions must use encrytion. Newer clients will use TLS (Transport Layer Security) on port 5222. Older clients will need to use SSL on port 5223. Most clients will choose the correct port automatically, but may need to be told to use encryption.

Discussion room

There is a multi-user conference channel called which for general discussion. Any user can create a new room with any other name and invite others.


If you have no reason to pick a particular client, we recommend you use Spark. Other popular clients are Pidgin (formerly gaim) and Adium (Mac OS X). Some problems have been reported with the iChat that comes with OS X but it may work for you. The client does not have complete functionality but may be sufficient.

Here's a list of clients:


When first logging in:

  • Under "Username", enter only your username part, e.g. john_q._smith
  • Under "Password", enter your password
  • Under "Server", enter

To add a new contact, select "Contacts" => "Add Contact", and type in the contact's Jabber ID (e.g., or To join a conference, select the "Conferences" tab and click on Spark will show you a list of public conferences, and you can bookmark conferences you join frequently. To start a private conference, select "Actions" => "Start a Conference" and enter the Jabber IDs of the users you wish to invite to the conference.

Web client

Go here.

  • Under "Username", enter only your username part, e.g. john_q._smith
  • Under "Password", enter your password


Go to "Accounts"->"Add/Edit" and hit Add. Choose protocol XMPP.

  • Under "Screen name", enter only your username part, e.g. john_q._smith
  • Under "Domain", enter
  • Under "Resource", enter whatever you want
  • Under "Password", enter your password

To add a new contact, go to "Buddies"->"Add Buddy". Select the openewtware account under Account. Under screen name, enter the user part (e.g. joe_smith). To join a chat room, go to "Tools"->"Room List", select the OWW account and hit "Get List" and click "Get List" followed by "Find Rooms."

Account activation

If you are unable to log in, you may need to activate your account. To do so, go to your preferences on the wiki. Enter your old password for both the old and new passwords and hit save. This will at the same time set the password for your Jabber account. If you have any other problems, you can email me.

Web Presence

You can get use the following on OWW or elsewhere to show whether you are on jabber (replace USERNAME appropriately):


Jabber supports the notion of "groups." There is an "OWW steering committee" group that contains members of the OpenWetWare:Steering committee. Online members should automatically appear in your buddy list. To be added to this group (or to create a new group), contact User:Austin J. Che.

Web chat

The previous chat interface at Special:Chat is based on phpfreechat and is not very scalable. Please migrate to using the jabber server.