Haynes Lab:Notebook/Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics for Predictable Control of Therapeutic Genes/2012/03/04

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Relationship Between Score and Signal Value

  • I've made a recent observation as I was making graphs on excel. As I was changing the score and signal values I discovered that the two actually do correlate with each other. For example, when the signal value is set to 4 or greater and the score is set to 160 or greater the only signal values that are passing through are mostly 8 or greater. Same thing happened for the signal value of 5. Interestingly enough, let's say the signal value is 4 and the score is 160 and the signal value is 5 and the score is 160. They return the same amount of hits at 7563. I think at this point I will be ignoring score for the data and only setting signal value cutoffs (I will choose a signal value of 5 for now). Also to be noted is that if the signal is at 5 that means changing the score cutoff will not affect the amount of hits returned until the score is 140 or greater. Same for a signal value of 4, the amount of hits returned are the same until the score is 130 or greater.