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10/17/14 - Jonah Thomas

  • Performed transfections for KAH60/pcVn plasmids

HEK293 Transfection w/ KAH60/pcVn

  • The Haynes Lab protocol for transfections was followed

Note: The plasmid concentration used for this transfection was ~58ng/μL meaning the total plasmid amount used to transfect each well was ~1160ng

  • A total of 2 wells were transfected with the KAH60/pcVn plasmids
    • Two mock transfections were also completed as a control for each plate
  • In order to improve plasmid uptake during the transfection, one plate (Plate 2) was spun in a centrifuge and Plate 1 was left to incubate as a control

The results of this transfection with be observed and reported on Monday, October 20, 2014.

Plan of Action: Week of 10/20/14

  • Monday (10/20): Record and report the results of the transfection mini-experiment. Also, perform transduction with E. coli for new plasmid mini preps
  • Tuesday (9/23): Check bacterial colonies and incubate cell colonies in LB broth for new mini preps
  • Wednesday (9/24): Perform 4 minipreps
  • Thursday (9/25): Perform new set of transfections
  • Friday (9/26): Check status of transfections