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Concentration of regrown BL01 colonies one and two (C1 and C2) eluted with 100μL dH2O.

Plasmid OD260 OD260/280 ng/μL
1. Purified BL01 C1 --- 1.942 37.189
1. Purified BL01 C2 --- 1.922 29.894

Restriction Digest Table

Reagent Volume Expected:
1. BL01 = 2500bp
DNA(BL01 C1) 25.0 μL
10X buffer 3.0 μL
XbaI 1.0 μL
SpeI 1.0 μL
dH2O 0 μL
Total 30 μL --> 37°C/ 35 min.

Gel Purification: BL01/V0120

  • Using Prior Digest
  • Placed 15μL 1kB Ladder in well one and 30μL of BL01 digest in well two.
  • Ran gel at 110V for 55 minutes.
  • Placed gel on UV transilluminator and cut out desired band.
  • Fail.