Haynes Lab:Notebook/Characterizing AHL quorum sensing homologs/2013/03/01

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Miniprepped the colonies grown up yesterday

Number Part number Description Part size (bp) Backbone Colonies
1 2 3 4 5
1 F2620 p(tetR)-RBS-luxR-Stop-lux pR 1061 pSB1A2 0 0 X X 0
2 K082035 p(tetR)-RBS-rhlI-Stop-Stop 884 pSB1A2 X X
3 R0071 RhlR-activated promoter 53 pSB1A2 X
4 K084007 LacI-RBS-LasI 835 pSB1AK3 X X
5 K081016 RBS-lasI-Stop 735 pSB1AK3 0 X
6 K081023 RBS-cl lam-RBS-lasR-Stop 1653 pSB1AK3 X 0 X

Also tried a second elution on the miniprep columns using 50ul water. Got pretty decent yields from that but need to confirm on a gel that it's a good idea.

Pulled more parts out of the registry

Number Part number Description Part size (bp) Backbone
7 K145254 Plac+RBS+LuxI+Stop+Stop 862 pSB1A2
8 K091134 Plac+RBS+LasR+S+S+PlasR+RBS+GFP+S+S 2048 pSB1AK3
9 K092100 Pconst+RBS+RhlR+S+S 930 pSB1A2
10 K092900 Pconst+RBS+RhlR+S+S+PrhlR+RBS+lac 2102 pSB1A2
11 E0240 RBS+GFP+S+S 876 pSB1A2