Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2016/08/13

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finished evaporating plasmids, got to high concentrations (31 = 1037ng/ul and 34=937ng/ul) and 260/280 ~1.9

fixed two T-175 flasks of Gal4+puro untreated cells for H3K27me3 ChIP. trypsinized and did in 50mL conicals, 20mL of 1% formaldehyde

electroporated Luc14s and gal4+dox cells with g031 and 34, two 10cm plates per combo for 8 total plates. 20ug per transfection
prepped T-175 plated, resuspended to a final volume of 500ul

Spun down E coli from yesterday, ~90mL of culture per tube