Haynes Lab:Notebook/CRISPR Editing/2015/08/17

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Phusion PCR for singlet full coverage of all gRNAs tested

gRNA F primer R primer
29 P149 P174
30 P159 P215
33 P149 P176
36 P149 P174
40 P163 P160
41 P175 P214
42 P213 P214
43 P213 P214

Found some triplicate samples of Luc14 and Gal4-EED treated samples for g023, g044, g045. PCR'd with P197/198. Checked on a gel, negative controls blank. Made 1:1000 dilutions and ran nested PCRd with the following primers:

gRNA F primer R primer
23 P149 P215
44 P213 P214
45 P151 P160