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BioBrick Collections

Chemicals, Etc.

  • Chemical Inventory Spreadsheet: This Google Docs spreadsheet lists all of the chemicals in the Haynes Lab inventory, plus safety precautions and links to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • DCB Chemical Stockroom: Located at Physical Sciences Building G-wing (PSG), "Bateman Storage", ground floor - https://maps.asu.edu/?id=120&mrkIid=62979
  • Compressed Gas: Contact ASU Stores - Gas Services at 5-6546 or gascylinders (at asu dot edu)
  • Dry Ice: Located in PSG 106 at the DCB Chemical Stockroom

Facilities, Maintenance & Repairs


Ordering & Shipping

  • Spreadsheet - CURRENT: Requests for consumables, DNA synthesis, and small instruments are listed here
  • Ordering Spreadsheets - ARCHIVED (For information purposes only. Do not edit these)
  • SunRISE Ordering System: Authorized lab members can log-in to SunRISE to place orders
  • DNA Sequencing - SOLS DNA Lab
    • Sample submission: 20 ng (~20 pmol) primer, 200 ng plasmid DNA, 6 μL total volume in a single tube
    • Submission Information
    • Order Form
    • Closest drop-off: Biodesign building, go down stairs to lower level, turn left at wall, enter hallway, go to end, turn right and find the sample freezer (on the way to the restrooms)
  • DNA Sequencing - DNASU @Biodesign
  • Central Receiving - where large items/ equipment arrives. Call Louie: 480-965-1083

Office Supplies & Poster Printing

  • Poster printing
    • ASU Vislab - [1]


Shared Equipment

Sign-up Calendar
for all shared instruments

Burrrt Reynolds: -150°C Cryogenic Freezer
Model: Sanyo MDFC2156VANC
Location: ISTB4, room 231, linear equipment room
Status: Burrrt is up and running!

Lucille: Light Cycler 480
Model: Roche 5015278001
Location: ISTB4, room 231, south shared workspace
Status: Online

Plato: BioTek Plate Reader
Model: Synergy 2; luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance; Take3 nucleic acid spectroscopy
Location: ISTB4, room 231, south shared workspace
Status: Online

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