Harvard:Biophysics 101/Notebook:ZS/2007-4-30

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Update for this week

  • This week, post-Tuesday (final project due then) =( I will compile all of the code I have written, generalize my BLAST script from last week (if Xiaodi hasn't done that already, will consult in class Tues), and then I am free to work on other gaps the class may be having.
    • Generalize BLAST script necessary
  • By Thursday I will also post the code I have written to return record information from any Entrez Gene search, which may be useful - Katie and Xiaodi I believe have some use for it in their scripts.
    • Talked to Xiaodi and Katie, this is made defunct with his local server search. IF that does not go to plan, then I will write this code.
  • Is it worth pursuing the manual analysis of CDS data? Polyphen, which Mike is working on, should handle everything fine there
    • Nope.
  • Be able to feed Xiaodi, if needed, the CDS region or gID which he will grab a genbank record from
  • Work with Denis Resmi and Cynthia to input a string of mesh terms and return an object of prevalance, CDC ID, and "dictionary name" which Tiffany et al. need