Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/Project/Inputs/Outputs

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Xiaodi 1st code

  • input: fasfa file
  • output: outputs a class of allelic variants


  • input: dict class (some criteria should go into the class)
  • output: dict class

Xiaodi 2nd code: local searches

  • input: fasfa file
  • output: mutations (format undetermined), position, and nature in the mutation, and protein sequence


  • input: protein sequence, and snp location (position is important)
  • output: (I wasn't able to record this)


  • input: Xiaodi's output
  • output: rs#

Resmi and Cynthia

  • input: list of rs#
  • output: raw list of mesh terms, parsed list of mesh terms (slash?) list of strings
  • other outputs: print article titles, string is "mesh_?"


  • input: list of strings that are mesh terms, specifically major mesh terms, the most relevant terms, an object that encapulates multiple strings
  • output: CDC ID, of the most prevalent hit

Tiffany's code

  • input: string disease name
  • output: list of URLs, list of clinical trials


  • input: Zach's input, Tiff's input
  • output: output any feed that the class wants (clinical trials, news, resources)