Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/Notebook:Resmi Charalel/2007-4-13

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What I Plan to Contribute

  • I am currently writing up how to use our program and separately, how it works. It is almost done and will be completed by Tuesday. See Here
  • I will write code to get keywords from OMIM to search for as disease. I will plan to finish this by Tuesday/Thursday. See Here
  • I will also write code to use the PMIDs to search related review articles using PubMed. I will try to finish this by Thursday. See Here
  • I am also interested in working on what to do when a particular SNP is not in OMIM. So, I will try to work on this with Chris once I have finished the above tasks.


  • Description of program, etc. will be modified as the program progresses to include more features. Please let me know if you think I am missing any aspects and I will gladly fix!
  • PubMed seems to have eliminated the Keyword feature that I used to remember associated with each entry. So, I thought I would propose the alternative of searching through the WHO website and using the entry which is the closest match to the allelic variant title returned by OMIM parsing (and above some threshold we set) to be the keyword. I think this should achieve the same goal.