Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/Notebook:Katie Fifer/2007-4-17

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Project Plan

  • My work thus far has focused both on general project management and also on part of the basic script - I worked on the part that went from sequence to snp number with Xiaodi. We also put that front end together with the back end which took snp number to OMIM diagnosis.
  • I'm currently working on developing a web platform for this to be much more user-friendly (also with Xiaodi). This should be up and running at least to a limited extent on Tuesday (the 17th).
  • We're also adding a database feature to this where we store what people query and the date of their query - we can talk about more interesting things to do with this in class and also whether or not we want to eventually mine this to figure out what people care about and how to improve things from there...
  • Once we get this up and running I'm hoping to integrate the work Resmi and others have been doing with PubMed queries of related literature.

Project Progress

  • The full python script in color (seq->disease info) can be found here: full script
  • A version of the script (above) which pickles output to file for use with webapp db stuff can be found here: script with pickle output
  • The database stuff is up and running. The details can be found here, particularly if you want to set up your own database. Soon we should try to move this off Xiaodi's computer and onto some other server space.