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  • GOAL: Use MedStory (currently in beta - features and XML parsing may change) to deliver info that a newly-diagnosed user would be interested in seeing:
    • Drugs and substances of interest
    • Procedures
    • Drugs in clinical studies
    • Clinical trials
  • Other possible information we should consider showing the patient:
    • Experts
    • Research centers
    • Genes

Possible Issues

    • Is it somewhat ethically suspect to simply swipe these things (even if they're credited) from MedStory?
    • The format of MedStory does have XML-based (and thus, easily Python-parsable) sections, including News and Clinical Trials, but it doesn't have it for the bar-graphed items, which include information we really want to present to the user.

Tiff's Plan/Work

  • Will try to figure out:
    • Drugs
    • Clinical trials

Deniz's Plan/Work

  • Will write a function to retrieve
    • Useful links (a more 'respectable' stable of sites)
    • Scholarly information links.