Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/Notebook:Christopher Nabel/2007-4-14

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Project Plan

For April 17

I will write a program that will align our dbSNP results with our sequence and report mutations between our sequence and the dbSNPs. This is the beginning to determining which SNPs are relevant hits and which aren't. To accompany this program will be a list of all the possible scenarios so that we can orient this screen to pick up falsely-identified/non-significant SNPs.

For April 19

I will devise a plan/outline for code to handle results that don't appear in OMIM. Special consideration will be given to the field of linkage disequilibrium. I will propose a few different possibilities to track/measure linkage disequilibrium, and hopefully we will decide to create the alternative that is easiest to scale up. LD is what the HapMap big shots are concerned with, and rightly so. I understand the importance of tight controls, but perhaps we could shed more light on the issue.