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I plan on looking at the World Health Organization and figuring out what information we might be able to get out of it. From suggestions in class, I'd like to see how to quantify treatment recommendations and possibly check out what can be found on frequency of deleterious allele. However, the site looks to be extremely resourceful (although not all of it may be relevant for our purposes), so I'll also take a general look to see how it can help us.

What to do

By 4/17

  • 4/17 progress page
  • Explore the WHO website to see what information can possibly be gotten from them
    • Treatment recommendations
    • Frequency of deleterious allele
  • Find out how BioPython can be used to access the info
  • Contact the appropriate people to get more information on the above

By 4/19

  • 4/19 progress page
  • Have heard back from contacted people
    • Figured out whether it's BioPython compatible
    • Figured out what we want to get out of the site
  • Discuss with other classmates how WHO will fit into the big post-OMIM picture
  • Figured out input (disease name??)
  • Figured out how scripts (if any) will look