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I try to present my work as often as I can. Below you can view power points of many of the talks I've given both within my department, and at professional meetings.

A copy of my PhD Defense from May 6th, 2011: The impacts of climate change on ecological and evolutionary processes

Here is a talk I have given as a departmental seminar, and will give again I hope at ESA 2010 in a shorter form. Population dynamics of toxic algal blooms on Lake Champlain

My talk at ESA 2009 was on Modeling metacommunities: A comparison of agent based and Markov matrix methods with empirical data, and here is a longer form version of the talk I gave at my departmental seminar in 2009

A talk on Bayesian ANOVA for a departmental seminar

This is a version of a talk I gave at the 2008 ESA, the New York Natural History conference 2008, and as a departmental seminar, on my work with climate change in experimental tubs

Here is my first talk given as a departmental seminar as a first year graduate student and again at ESA 2007 on my work with vernal ponds in Delaware Water Gap