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Department of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Contact Prof Harmer: slharmer at ucdavis.edu
Contact Prof Maloof: Contact

Group meeting

Joint group meeting with the Maloof Lab on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM in 1020 Life Sciences.

date and speaker

4/1/2009 Amanda

4/8/2009 Nozomu, Stacey

4/15/2009 Jason

4/22/2009 Daniele

4/29/2009 Julin, Amanda

5/6/2009 Cory

5/13/2009 Shajahan

5/20/2009 Giltsu

5/27/2009 Pepe

6/3/2009 Patricia

6/10/2009 Matt

Journal club

Tuesdays at 1:10 PM in LS 1020. The meeting on the first Tuesday of the month is joint with the Maloof and Lagarias labs

date and speaker

3/31/2009 Julin

4/7/2009 Matt*

4/14/2009 Patricia

4/21/2009 Daniele

4/28/2009 Giltsu

5/5/2009 Wei Hu*

5/12/2009 Shajahan

5/19/2009 Cory

5/26/2009 any volunteers??

6/2/2009 Pepe*

6/9/2009 Stacey

6/16/2009 Julin

(* = journal club with the Harmer, Lagarias, and Maloof labs)

Seminar schedules

Friday plant biology seminar

Tuesday graduate student seminar

Joint seminars in molecular biology

All DBS seminars (searchable)