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This is the course page for HUL.281 Mind, Machines and Language.
Category: OE

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Brains, Minds and Cognition
  • The ‘binding problem’ in neuroscience
  • Cortical networks
  • Structure and functions of biological neurons
  • Modeling action potentials
  • Mechanisms of memory
  • Frontal cortical mechanisms and information processing
  • Functional MRI: Biophysics, Design of experiments, Data processing, SPM
  • Auditory processing
  • Understanding cognitive systems: Computational methods
  • Language as a system
  • The neurocognition of language

Home Assignment 1 -> click here to download  (due 03 Sep 09 by 5 pm)
Home Assignment 2 -> click here to download  (due 31 Oct 09 by 5 pm)

(For the PDFs see the link 'Reading Material' below.


Quiz 5%; Minor I 15%; Minor II 15%; Term paper/ Project 20%; Major 35%; Assignments 10%

Course Policy

  • I couldn’t in good conscience burden you further than I already am doing. But the readings are important texts in their own right that also elucidate those that we will cover in class. So, if you have time and interest, you should make an effort to read them.
  • Please attend lectures and tutes; these are for your benefit. We follow the Institute policy of 75% attendance. You alone are responsible for your actions.
  • Relevant material will be available at Scoops.
  • The pass mark is 40% and for audit it is 50%. Please select your term paper/ project title by August 31, and submissions are due on/ before November 15 (5 pm).
  • There is zero tolerance towards plagiarism. See here to understand plagiarism and avoid it (Must read for students).
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Reading Material

A list of papers course is here.