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1 Lab Members

Dr. Axel Guenther, e-mail: axel.guenther at, phone: +1 (416) 978-1282

Devon Huber, e-mail: devon.huber at

Ali Jafari, e-mail: ajafari at

Yali Gao

2 Supplies

2.1 Ordering (Ordered, Received, Needed)

2.2 Supplies (Items/Services, Suppliers)

Chemicals (Sigma-Aldrich, Fluka)

PDMS (Microchem)

Electronic components (Newark InOne, Global Spec)

Fluorescent Labels (Introgen, Probes, Qdots)

Fluorescence Microscope Filters/Filter Cubes (Chroma)

Lasers (Bigsky lasers, New Wave, Spectra-Physics, Lambda Physik)

Microfluidic connectors (Upchurch)

Microfluidic foundries (Micralyne, Micronit)

Micropumps (Mini-gearpumps HNP-Mikrosysteme)

Optics (Thorlabs, Newport, Edmund Optics)

Piezoressistive Pressure Transducers (Honeywell - Globalspec)

Pyrex/Glass Wafers (Bullen-Ultrasonics)

Spectrometers (Oceanoptics)

Syringe pumps (Harvard Apparatus, KD Scientific, Coleparmer)

Transparency masks (Pageworks, Outputcity, Fineline, Artnet Pro, Wemorph, Stanford links)

Ultrasonic Drilling (Ferroceramic)

Silicon Wafers (Waferworld)

3 Links

Health and Safety @ U of T

ECTI - Central Cleanroom

Laser Machining @ U of T - Prof. Peter Herman

MIE Department

Institute for Biomedical and Biomaterials Engineering

University of Toronto

4 Calendar