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A living root suspension bridge from NE India (c/o

Introduction: This is the front project page for exploring when it makes sense to grow a house (or any other large scale human engineered structure), and how one would go about making it happen. Or in other words, to research the ways of building facilities from nano scale into meter scale. It might seem science fiction, but nature does it successfuly for quite some time (and the picture above shows that some people can cooperate with nature in a very sustainable way).
On the other hand encouraging research is going on in nanotechnology (carbon nano tubes, connected into 3D structures) and synthetic biology, the later giving the motivation for this project page. But it is not just the potentials or curiosity, there are other, much harder reasons for exploring new ways of building: unsustainable traditional building process (construction industry produces much of the pollution and waste), and products (expensive buildings), and 1/4 population not able to afford decent housing.