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Research Interests

We are interested in root hair development and differentiation. Starting with the genetic network of root hair growth, which enabled us to identify gene products of central importance, we continue to pursue several gene functions in detail whilst simultaneously using integrative approaches to the process as a whole.

Understanding how dynamic interactions produce changes in phenotype, like different patterns of growth and development, is essential for our work on root hairs, but there is surprisingly little previous work to go on. We are addressing this with some fundamental research into network dynamics and the dynamics of biochemical processes.

We are also developing approaches to explore how root hairs benefit plants and ecosystems; many functions for root hairs have been suggested, including nutrient uptake, water uptake, and anchorage of plants to the ground, but strong experimental evidence is mostly restricted to the uptake of a few nutrients, such as phosphate. New approaches are required to address root hair function.

Current projects are listed on the lab member pages.

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