Getting started on the microscope

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This is tutorial (in development) for getting started on the microscope.

How to sign up for the scope

  • We have a Google calendar for scope usage:

How to turn on the scope

(order doesn't matter)

  1. Turn on FL lamp
    • takes 2 minutes to warm up
    • takes 30 minutes to cool down (so don't start again in <30 min)
  2. Turn on transmitted light lamp
  3. Turn on scope (switch is on back left of the base)
  4. Turn on Ludl Box (controls shutters)
  5. Turn on camera

How do I find my cells?

If this doesn't work then you may need to focus the condenser, this is a little tricky so you should be shown how to do it by jason first.

Common Problems

I don't see anything in the eyepiece

  1. The optical path is not pointing to the eyepiece, you can change it on the control pad.

The fine focus knob doesn't move the turret

Two possible problems:

  1. (more likely) You have turned on the fine focus knob which is seperate from the base. Only one can control the turret at a given time, turn off the satellite knob.
  2. The z-stage is too low (<0 position as read from control pad) or too high (>6000? need to check this.). Turn the scope off and on and you should be OK.