Getting started in Tübingen

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Welcome to Tübingen

This page is an informal collection of tips to help you get started in Tübingen. Maybe you just arrived here for a research project or a degree in biochemistry or a related life science. Accommodation, accounts, and paper work need to be sorted out. A little German will surely come in handy and you have to set up your life in a new city. Welcome and please add your comments and tips here.



  • Finding accommodation in Tübingen is problematic. The worst time to search is in late summer/early fall before the beginning of the fall term. Avoid if at all possible.
  • If you want to go for student housing, apply as early as possible. You can apply before you have received an offer!
  • a list of independent student dorms
  • If you are looking for a shared flat, try WG-gesucht and Studenten-WG (WG stands for shared flat in German).
  • See university accommodation page.
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  • Public transport is good in Tübingen and organized by the Naldo company. Check the bus network map (v2012).
  • If you are a student one of the most cost effective fares is the semester pass that you can get with your student registration.
  • The next bigger city is Stuttgart which you can reach best by train with the Bahn.
  • The closest airport is Stuttgart. It lies at the southern edge of Stuttgart, direction Tübingen. You can reach it from Tübingen with the airport bus 828
  • See also the university mobility page
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Student matters

  • Sign up for the starter events at the beginning of each semester: tour the city, find out where the important things are, get help with you registration, and enjoy a night with other international students
  • You currently need to pay your registration fees from a German bank account on in cash.
  • You will receive your student card, log in details in several letters by traditional mail. Also the text is currently still in German.
  • Formalities page by Int'l Welcome Center
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Degrees in English

See also

  • The U of Tübingen Erasmus pages have a useful download area with brochures for starting students, the program of the orientation weeks, free illustrated dictionaries, and a list of courses taught in English.