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Welcome to Dresden

This page is a collection of links and tips to help you get started in Dresden. Maybe you just arrived here for a predoc or postdoc in biology. Accommodation and paper work need to be sorted out, you may want to learn some German, and you are definitely looking for things to do after work. Dresden and surroundings has plenty to offer and is just waiting to be discovered. Links are in English were available. Please improve this page with your own suggestions.





  • comparison [1] [2]
  • DKB - online bank w branch in DD, free account+VISA, 3.8% on savings [3]
  • ING-DiBa - online bank, free account, credit card 18€/year (fee lowered by use [4]), 3.25% on savings [5]
  • Deutsche Bank - branch bank; account 4.45€/m, 30€/m credit card, 0.5% on savings [6]
  • Dresdner Bank - branch bank; account 2.75€ unless income >650€/m [7], credit card 30€/m [8], 0% on savings
  • also inquire at the MPI-CBG international office about special offers


  • comparisons: mobiles
  • mobile network resellers: klarmobil no monthly charge, 14c/min mobile+fixed, min. contract 1m; Tchibo 3€/m, 15c/min mobile+fixed, min. contract 1m
  • mobile network providers: E-Plus, tarif Zehnsation 10€/m, 10c/min mobile+fixed, start 25€, min. contract 2y; O2, tarif Genion S 19c/min mobile+fixed, 3c/min in home zone, 25€ to start, min. contract 6w, O2 DSL L until end 2007: 30€/m, 19c/min mobile, unlimited calls to fixed phones+internet; disable "Sicherheitspaket", min. contract 2y;
  • internet, optional phone Hansenet, tarif Alice Light 30€/m for unlimited internet, 2€/m fixed phone
  • free internet, cheap phone calls w Skype Europe, N America, China 1.7c/min [9]

Learning German



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