Getting reimbursed for travel and conferences

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How to: get reimbursed for travel and conferences?

First and foremost: You must book your travel with an airline from the Fly America Act list.

Stanford does not reimburse until after your travel has been completed. Therefore, you will “be out” of the money you spend to book your flights, pay for a conference, etc. until after you return from your trip.

Do: • Let Drew’s assistant know that you have Drew’s approval to attend a conference and that he will be paying for it. • Save all of your receipts,

o both those you accumulate before your trip (flight*, conference registration, etc.), and
o those you acquire during your travel (food, taxis, etc.).

• Send (e-mail) and/or give all receipts to Drew’s assistant as soon as you can upon your return. • Provide a reason why you attended the conference: gave a talk, attended seminars, poster presentation, etc. • Provide a mailing address where you want your check mailed if you do not have direct-deposit set up with Stanford. • Send a screen shot of a flight itinerary if you stay on for vacation. (See below.)


How long will it take to get my reimbursement?Italic text

Assistants have two months to process reimbursements (before they are taxed as income without a valid reason), though most assistants will try to do this sooner rather than later. Once the reimbursement is submitted for approval, it can take up to two weeks to be direct-deposited into your account (if you are a Stanford affiliate), or mailed to the address you provided.

What if I stay longer in the conference city/country for vacation or to visit friends/family?Italic text

When you book your flight, you must take a screen shot of how much it would have cost if you had flown home right after the conference ended. Choose any flight itinerary, same airline.

(This is so the approvers can see that your delayed flight did not cost substantially more than if you had flown straight home after the conference ended.)

Can I bug the assistant about when my reimbursement is coming?Italic text''Bold text

Once, yes; twice only if you really need the money, and definitely not if she has not had her morning coffee. ;)