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Stock Solution

10mg/ml in H20, store at -20°C (from here)

Soluble in water at least to 200 mg/ml

Insoluble in 50% alcohol

Working Concentration

20μg/ml [1]

80μg/ml for Mycoplasma selection

Mode of Action

Inhibits protein synthesis by binding to L6 protein of the 50S ribosomal subunit.

(from Molecular Cloning)

Resistance Gene

The most common resistance gene is the aacA-aphD gene found in the transposon Tn4001. It conveys resistance to both Gentamicin and Kanamycin in two separate domains. Another common resistance gene is the aacC1 gene, (conveying resistance to Gentamicin only) is found in the plasmid pJN105. [2, 3]


Gentamicin is an important antibiotic for human use. Think about alternative antibiotics when choosing to incorporate gentamicin resistance into your constructs. Particularly, think carefully about inserting gentamicin resistance into mobile plasmids or mobile transposons.


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