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Genetic Analyzer 3100 (ABI 3100); 16 capillary DNA sequence

Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

2. ALWAYS reserve a time to use.

3. ALWAYS add info in logbook.

4. Check polymer, buffer, and anode buffer before use

5. Polymer is enough for your run; 1 ml is enough for 1 plate (96 samples) or 6 run

6. No bubbles in polymer line

7. No signs of leaking polymer

8. Buffer exists in the anode container & in the tray

9. For good results, user should run samples with fresh buffer (1-2 days is OK for use).

10. Check your sample & samples tray. No bubbles at the bottom of each well , plate assembly is correct, plate retainer hole must align with the holes in the septa strip.

11. After pushing the tray button, PLEASE wait until the tray stop, then open the door.

12. After clicking run, PLEASE make sure that machine is working; LOOK at the green light blinking!

13. 1 RUN (16 samples; 2 Columns) will take about 1 hr.


Each user should remove their 96-well plate after use, and PLEASE not keep your plate in front of the machine.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not transfer data while the machine working!

Handle the zip drive with care, click eject to release your disk.

Make sure that the capillaries are back in the buffer after use.

ANY questions, or any suggestions, please contact Ann, Das Lab-B419

Technical support contact


Parts & accessories




Genetic Analyzer 3100 (ABI3100); 16 capillary DNA sequence



Serial Number



Applied Biosystems:

FULL MANUAL: File:Abi3100 users manual.pdf

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