General lab etiquette

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General lab etiquette rules

Consider this as a very general guide. Knowing the basics of lab etiquette will make your life easier, and your lab work will be safer and more efficient for yourself and your labmates.

  1. If you make a spill, clean it up. This is essential for common use areas like the balances where it is not obvious to the next person what the mysterious powder might be!
  2. Label all solutions, media, plates, etc. clearly, including the date and your initials. Anything suspicious should be discarded.
  3. Label all new chemicals with received date and opened date.
  4. Keep 70% ethanol and 10% bleach spray bottles filled and placed at the end of each bench. Spray (bleach followed by ethanol) and wipe down your bench routinely to avoid propagation of bacteria, fungi and insects. This is a University bio-safety policy.
  5. Remember to wash any glassware you used with 10% bleach and soap at the end of the day so you can start your work the next morning immediately, knowing there is enough clean glassware if you need it.