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1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

2. ALWAYS add info in logbook.

Make sure that vacuum works (pump OK, dryer makes good vacuum seals, see below:

Pump should be able to get to at least –26 in Hg

Check pump trap fluid level (see below)

1. Fill out log sheet before starting drying process

2. Place a sheet of filter paper below gel

3. Place gel on gel dryer, cover

4. Turn on vacuum

5. Turn on heater and timer

6. Come back in a few minutes and make sure that slab dryer is heating

7. Remove gel when dry, turn everything off

To avoid cracking with some non-denaturing gels, wait until cool before breaking vacuum

Check gel before breaking vacuum – does it feel thin (dry)? If not, keep heater on for longer

time. If gel is not completely dry when vacuum is broken, gel will crack.

8. If gel was radioactive – check gel dryer for contamination

9. Complete log sheet (pump trap fluid, no contamination)


If pump trap fluid full, drain pump trap fluid into a chemical waste container

Tag chemical waste: “Welch Pumping and Trapping Fluid – MSDS attached”

Equipment captain has copies of MSDS – if lost, call Welch (847-676-8800) and ask them to fax an MSDS

The trap does not need to be drained completely – the blue layer can be reused several times

The stockroom currently stocks fresh pumping and trapping fluid (1L bottles, blue liquid)

Takes about 500 ml to fill a completely drained trap to starting levels


If no vacuum

1) Use finger to make a seal on the hole in the gel dryer itself – if vacuum works here, the cover is

the problem. Could be a hole or just tricky to make a seal. Try hard.

2) If no vacuum at gel dryer, check at pump head – if vacuum at pump head, then there is a leak somewhere between the pump and the gel dryer. Check the tubing.

3) If no vacuum at pump head, first make sure that trap fluid is not full (can affect vacuum), then send pump out for repair and hope it takes < 6 months

4) If dryer does not heat uniformly, send for repair

Gel Dryer FB-GD45 Manual: File:FB-GB-45 Manual.pdf

Smartmart, Manuf. Thermo Scientific Electrophoresis

Replacement Sealing Sheet, part# FBGD24, $46.63/ea.

SBG2000 Savant Stacked Gel Dryers, with Rack model SBG300:

Thermo Fisher 1-800-848-3080, #1

Replacement Silicon Sealing Sheet, part#059-6005-00, $185.46/ea.

Welch Vacuum Pumps:, 847-676-8800