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Christine Wong, PhD student.

Centre for Molecular & Cellular Biology of Inflammation (CMCBI),
Guy's Campus, New Hunt's House, 1st floor,
SE1 1UL,

christine.wong@kcl,ac,uk (antispam: #→@ ,→.)

Tel: +44 (0) 207 848 6902

Education and Working Experience

2008-Present PhD in Immunology, Infection and Inflammatory Diseases, King’s College London
2007-2008 Research Assistant for Viral Hepatology, Imperial College London
2006-2007 MSc in Virology, Imperial College London
2003-2006 BSc in Biochemistry, King’s College London
2002-2003 A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Further Maths, David Game College London

PhD project

My project is to study the genetic regulation of cyctokines secretion by monocytes upon immune challenge by using Drosophila as the animal model. Hemocyte, the monocyte homologue in fly, is activated and induces production of cytokines during injury, infection and inflammation. I am looking at 3 particular cytokines, namely Spatz̈le, Eiger, and Unpaired 3, which are known as IL-1, TNF-α, and IL-6 in mammal. By using a quantitative whole genome screen, we will be able to identify genes and pathways involved in cytokine production at cellular level. Specifically, we would like to identify the contribution of upstream regulatory pathway for inflammatory signals in both activation and suppression in hemocytes. Besides, working together with other team members in our lab and close collaborators in the CMCBI centre, we are hoping to complete the picture in how monocyte takes part in immunity and its role during inflammation.



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