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Basic information for new lab-members

Institutional setting

The RNA Biology and Bioinformatic group was established in 2009 and is part of the Gene Expression and Bioinformatics Unit of the FCT funded Research Center for Biodiversity, Functional and Integrative Genomics (BioFIG). The group is also affiliated to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon and the lab facilities are located within this department.

BioFIG is composed of a total of 5 research Units, with most of its research teams located at the Faculty of Sciences or at the National Health's Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA-RJ), within walking distance of the University campus.

The Gene Expression and Bioinformatics Unit additionally includes the RNA metabolism group (PI Luisa Romão) and the Signalling in Gene Expression group (PI Peter Jordan), based at INSA-RJ.

BioFIG project and financial management (including fellowships and contracts) are performed by a private Foundation called Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências (FFCUL).


Main working facilities are located in the C8 building:

Main lab: Room 8.5.56 - shared with the MPD Unit
Bioinformatics Lab: Room 8.2.41
Margarida's Office: Room 8.2.53 (shared with Prof. M. Telhada)

Storage room and fluorescence microscope: Room 8.5.56b (access from the main lab) - shared with the MPD Unit
Cell culture lab: Room 8.1.74 - shared with the MPD Unit
Supporting labs (equipment and radioactive room): Rooms 8.1.75/78 - MPD Unit

In the 4th floor (Biochemistry Dept) there are several common facilities:
-80 Freezers and Ice dispenser
Cold Room
Water and autoclaving
Preparative Centrifuges

Other facilities frequently used facilities:
Real time PCR - C2 building, room (Prof. Manuela Cordeiro)
BioFIG Microscopy Room - C2 building
The Microbiology Unit of BioFIG headed by Prof. Rogério Tenreiro is located at the ICAT/TechLabs building and has several relevant equipments that may be used by our group upon request (eg. centrifuges, FACS, fluorescence/bioluminescence imaging of whole animals, etc.)

Lab access and keys

A key to the RNA or Bioinformatics lab will be given to new members. This key must be returned when the lab member leaves the group.
Spare keys to the Bioinformatics lab, Real-Time PCR lab and key-locker for the supporting labs (located in floor 1. next to room 8.1.78) are kept in the lab.
A spare key to the main lab is kept in the Bioinformatics lab.
Access to the C1/C8 building is unrestricted during normal working days/hours. For access outside these periods the following [ form] needs to be filled, signed by Margarida and delivered to the DQB secretary.
Out-of-hours access to other campus buildings depend on special permissions that need to be arranged when required.


Parking at the campus requires payment of an annual fee of ~70€.

The parking card can be requested at the Technical services (room 5.01.04) by presenting a declaration from the PI and the personal ID card.

Email account and internet access

A personal email account ( can be requested online at
Click on Login, select the new account option at the bottom and fill in the form.

The campus is covered by the wireless eduroam network service. Any person with an email account from a portuguese university ( can use this wireless access.
LAN access from personal computers/Laptops requires activation of a specific network connection with the computer's mac-address.
This can be done online by the person to whom the connection is registered (most likely the PI).

Contact "Centro de Informática" for any related topic.

Lab websites

RNA Biology and Bioinformatics


  1. this is a Wiki Website hosted by OpenWetWare. Lab members are requested to register as OWW users to be able to modify website contents.
  2. In addition, there are two closed google sites for sharing project and research data (links available through the main website). Lab members should ask the PI/site manager to register them as authorized users:
    1. RNA Biology and Bioinformatics site:
    2. Merck/HIV project site:

Other institutional websites:

  1. BioFIG main Website:
  1. FCUL/campus website:

Lab note-books and stationary

Paper lab note-books and other stationary are available to lab members at the lab.
Data registered on lab books belongs to the lab and must be left behind when leaving.
The use of digital lab-books is strongly supported, even in parallel with conventional paper lab note-books.


Phones can be used for work related purposes as follows:

  1. for contacts within the UL campus (including IMM, the Sta Maria Hospital, Rectorate and other Faculties), just dial the 5 digit extension
  2. to contact numbers in the Lisbon area (area code 21), dial 0 to get an external line.
  3. calls outside of the Lisbon area are blocked.

For personal use of phones, a paying account with password can be requested from the Technical Services to dial from any phone on campus.

To receive calls in most phones, call 217500000 and ask the operator to connect to the extension.
Some phones have direct outside numbers.

On Campus facilities

ATM machines: C8 and C3 buildings.
Cafeterias: C8, C1, C5, C6 buildings (with lunch service); C2 building (just sandwiches).
Bookstore, stationary and gifts: Livraria Escolar Editora, C5 building.
Copy service: C4 building, ground level

Important contacts

BioFIG Secretary:
Renata Vincent Room 8.2.41

MPD Unit Lab-manager:
Marta Palma, Room 8.1.75, Phone: 28175

Department secretary:
Cláudia Azevedo, Room 8.6., Phone: 28632

Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Atendimento 2.ª a 6.ª feira das 9:30 h. às 12:30 h. e das 14:00 h. às 16:30 h.
Campus da Faculdade de Ciências da UL
Edifício C 1 - 3.º Piso
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa
Tel.: 21 750 00 32
NIF: 503183504
Fellowships and contracts
Rafael Moreira Ext.: 21 359
Natalia Rodrigues Ext.: 21321

Campus Security
C5 building: tel. 217 500 000 (external) or 25205 (internal)

Technical services
09h00-17h00 Tel. 217 500 099 or 24135

Campus directory available at:


FFCUL fellows are offered a 24h personal insurance, including accidents outside the lab.