Frye: Function Reference (Granger Causality Project)

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Function Reference

MEG Raw Data

  • Raw_BrainArea: Calculate the fiff data and save the raw data into different brain areas in matlab format
  • Raw_fifftomat: Read data in fiff format and convert them into Matlab data format


  • GetAveThre: Get the average threshold in all task of one subject


  • GetAllRawFreq: Filter the raw data to five frequency bands (Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta)
  • GetFreq: Filter the raw data to a specific frequency band

Granger Causality

  • GC_Evoked: Set up the data for moving window calculation for Granger causality multichannel model
  • Regress_window: Compute the Granger causality from the moving window multichannel models
  • AICBIC: Compute AIC and BIC to determine the best order for Granger causality modeling


  • GC_ConnPlot: Plot GC connections among different channels and regions
  • GetConnfig: Create and save the dynamic connection figures through the time of the task for each subject
  • MakeMovie: Create the video file (AVI) of the dynamic connection between different brain areas for each subject

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