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Contact Info

Frank J. Stewart (an artistic interpretation)
  • Frank J. Stewart
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Parsons Lab 48-208
  • 15 Vassar Street
  • Cambridge MA 02139
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

Please see my website at


  • 2008, PhD, Harvard University
  • 2002, MS, University of Nevada-Reno
  • 2000, BS, Middlebury College

Research interests

  1. Prokaryote-eukaryote symbiosis: evolution, ecology, physiology
  2. Genomics, functional genomics, and population genetics of Bacteria and Archaea
  3. Molecular evolution


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  2. Stewart FJ, Cavanaugh CM. In press. Pyrosequencing analysis of endosymbiont population structure: co-occurrence of divergent symbiont lineages in a single vesicomyid host clam. Environmental Microbiology.
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