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From I-75

  • Exit I-75 at Fowler Ave. Head West on Fowler.
  • Pass several lights, including a major intersection at 56th St. and a light at 50th St. The USF campus starts at 50th St.
  • Turn right at the main entrance to the campus (the light after 50th St).
  • From here follow the "on-campus directions" below.

From I-4

  • Take I-4 to I-75.
  • Take I-75 North from I-4 ONE exit, to Fowler Ave.
  • Follow the directions above for I-275.

From I-275

  • Exit at Fowler Ave. Head East on Fowler.
  • Proceed several miles, passing Nebraska Ave., and a large shopping mall.
  • Finally, at 30th St./Bruce B. Downs, the USF campus begins.
  • Pass the light after 30th, and then turn left at the next light, at the main entrance to campus.
  • From here, follow the "on-campus directions" below.

On-campus directions

  • You've turned into the USF campus.
  • If you don't already have a parking permit, get one at the kiosk on the right-hand side of the street just after the entrance.
  • Turn left at the next corner (Alumni Dr.)
  • Turn right at the next corner.
  • After a short way, you'll find yourself between two parking lots. Park in the lot on the left. If you didn't get a parking permit at the kiosk at the campus entrance, you may be able to get one from the machine here, but it has been known to be out of order (and the police still write tickets).
  • Our building is called "Science Center" or "SCA." It's the large, hideous yellowish brick building that looks like a prison, just off the parking lot on your right.
  • We're in SCA 320, 330, and 341. Here's a map: SCA map.gif